Mrs. Right♥

I can’t

I can’t do this anymore.
I’m dying inside …
I know who I want,
But I can’t decide.

Note to Self;

Don’t ever let a guy get this close to you again. EVER .

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time ,
A boy & a girl fell in love .
Although their age was quite a difference, love is love.

The stares didn’t matter.
The love built so strong,
Only to shatter.

They couldn’t believe the love they had,
The end of this will make you sad.

She loved him so dearly a bullet to the heart couldn’t stop it, He lied to her clearly being caught wouldn’t stop him.

It all started out from a mutual friend,
Who became an enemy in the end.

Not by choice but only by persuasion, for she didn’t know the lies he was pushing her way then.

The friends were no more and the pressure was on ,
The love was no more, he was gone.

Theoretically speaking I mean,
He was gone in the head but not physical being.

She loved him so much she was too blind to see, that his love was no longer going to be free.

It came with a price , a price she endured, until the last string was strung until he hit the last cord.

Manipulated, abused, and feeling used…
She cried for days, when he went his way.

Still to this day I miss him so,
Why ? I couldn’t tell you … I still love him though…

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